New Head Office

From 12/11/2017 on, the Aterpa Group started occupying its new Head Office.

Situated in one of the noblest spots of Belo Horizonte – MG, the new head office occupies an area of 1.800 m², at Wilson Rocha Lima Street, 25 in one of the highest spots of Estoril district. The building is part of Complexo Empresarial Paisagem Escritório Parque, one of the architectural landmarks of the capital, established next to an Environmental Reserve.

The new Head Office has, as its basic concept, a way of organizing space as to allow a better integration between the administrative and technical teams with the Board of Directors and Shareholders. Besides being adept to the current Groups demand, the new Head Office is also prepared to further expansion processes.

“The Head Office inauguration is an important symbol of our maturity and evolution”, affirms Francisco Salazar, President of the Groups Administrative Board and site owner.