Compliance Program and ISO 37.001:2016

Aterpa Group started the implementation of two important Corporate Governance practices that come in addition to other several actions already implemented in last years.

Implementation of Compliance Program and ISO 37.001:2016 Standard for anti-bribery management.
These actions represent more than the commitment with Transparency in its activities, it represents Shareholders‘ firm belief and willingness in keeping the Business as an ongoing concern.
They also represent a huge institutional evolution, demonstrating the maturity of a Group that has operated in the Infrastructure market for 70 years, regarding its employees, clients, suppliers and the society in which it operates.

To implement Compliance Program, one of the most renowned law firms in Brazil, Escritório Aroeira Salles Advogados, was hired. Two distinct stages were contracted: 1 – Risk Analysis and Diagnosis, and 2 – Implementation and Training. Expected period for total implementation is 8 months.

ISO 37.001:2016
For implementation of the anti-bribery management system, in accordance with ISO Standard no. 37001:2016, training courses will be provided to employees, Officers and Shareholders, and Integrated Management System documentation will be reviewed; this will be implemented in a period of 8 months, after which, we will submit to Audit for Compliance Certification. For this purpose, RINA, the first certifying entity in Brazil with international accreditation for this Standard, was hired and will be responsible for verifying the Companies’ Compliance with this Standard’s requirements.